Borges and the Other – in its entirety! – Roulette May 11

Dear Friends!

It is a great pleasure to send you an invitation to come see and hear my opera, Borges and the Other, performed in its new entirety May 11th! I have been working on this in steps over the last few years and very proud to finish it and have it performed by my ensemble Blarvuster, stellar vocal soloists and choir. I am proud to premiere the entire work at Roulette’s new proscenium space in Brooklyn. Roulette has been instrumental in the process of this piece, and hosted the first airing of this material as it was in progress.

The opera is about Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges and his books, labyrinths and mirrors, but moreover, is really about the “self.” In this opera, Borges meets himself in a series of dreams, and self-addressed wit and deprecation tease out an idea of who Borges was/is and how they can both be in the same place at the same time or be the same person, yet two (or more).

This opera is also about how the self grapples with a mix of change and stasis and how this opens up deeper questions about the nature of time, the constructs of imagination and perception, and ambiguity of archetypal universality vs. personal identity, all in ways contemplated by Borges throughout his writings. It is also about the faith in fiction – how one can immerse or see oneself in the imagination of the writer or the identity of the character.

This will mark Blarvuster’s 10th year of operation! I have been so proud to work with this community of incredible musicians that have brought life to my music for the past decade! Thank you!

This also is part of a 2 night presentation of new works by Experiments in Opera, the first night, May 10, will feature a full production of Happiness is the Problem by Jason Cady, choral sections from Aaron Siegel’s Brother Brother, and Cough Button’s To Scale.

Borges and the Other will be the May 11 portion.

Borges and the Other

An opera by Matthew Welwords adapted from and inspired by

Jorge Luis Borges.


Lisa Komara, Amirtha Kidambi, Jeff Gavett and James Rogers – all as Borges!

The Borges Choir: Anne Rhodes, Hannah Collins, Robert Yaman and Dashon Burton

And Blarvuster

Leah Paul (flutes), Karen Waltuch (viola), Emily Manzo (piano), Taylor Levine and Matthew Hough (electric guitars), Ian Riggs (bass guitar), Joe Bergen (vibraphone), and Mike Pride (drum kit).

May 11, 2012 – 8pm

at Roulette

509 Atlantic Avenue (at 3rd ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11217

Most trains going near the big Atlantic Terminal will get you there

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