Blarvuster’s NEW ALBUM The Finger Lock out on Kotekan Records 6/17/2018


Streaming, Digital Download or Compact Disc – Blarvuster’s “The Finger Lock” features recent long works of Welch’s, like Blind Piper’s Obstinacy and The Finger Lock, along new versions of classics Gorgamor the Giant Gecko and High Street. This project of Blarvuster is blistering rock quartet with Will Northlich Redmond on electric guitar (BlipVert, PAK), Ian Riggs on bass guitar (Burning Spear, Lonesome Trio) and Brian Chase on Drums (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Drums and Drones) flanking Welch’s bagpipes, sax and vocals.

Matthew Welch (bagpipes, alto sax, voice)
Will Northlich-Redmond (electric guitar)
Ian Riggs (bass guitar)
Brian Chase (drums)

Music Composed by Matthew Welch.
Recorded and mixed by Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound, NYC, 2016
Cover art by Lauren Kolesinskas

Kotekan 101
Copyright 2017 Matthew Welch



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