Opera Projects

I write Opera!

I am also a co founder, along with Aaron Siegel and Jason Cady, of Experiments in Opera. I have written only two operas so far, though the first can be 3 separable operatic events, or one complete 2-Act opera, which premiered at Roulette, NYC, May 2012. This one is called Borges and the Other for 2 mezzo-sopranos, tenor and baritone and SATB chorus featuring Blarvuster as the orchestra. The opera is about the Argentine fiction writer Jorge Luis Borges, with text adapted and inspired by Borges. The Opera centers on Borges meeting himself in a dream, and through inquisitive dialogue, it becomes a surreal look at the self. The Chorus functions like a Greek chorus with contemplative text.



The Three Truths, a Robot Micro-Opera, for soprano Anne Rhodes, baritone Jeffrey Gavett and for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, electric guitar and piano – from 2013, NYC. check out the video. This piece is based on a Sufi tale as Sci-Fi spin off, where a tyrant extorts truth from a sage, to negative results!

And coming November 2, 2013 is my choral opera ReAnimator Requiem at Abrons Art Center, based on the Lovecraft cult classic, reanimating the dead over top a ritual Requiem with doom-metal trio and SSAATTBB chorus.