Blarvuster at Piping Live! Glasgow August 8

Come and join us as Blarvuster and Malin Makes Music takes to the stage for an evening of new music.

Piping Live! will host an Avant-Garde piping night for the first time in 2022. This groundbreaking concert will showcase the Ceol Nua – or new music – style that has been developed by Dr Matt Welch.

Blarvuster is a unique ensemble dedicated to Matthew Welch’s compositions. Formed in Brooklyn, New York City in 2002, and now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the flexibility of Matthew’s music and the diverse backgrounds of band’s players have made Blarvuster’s sound elude genre trappings. Blarvuster’s music merges Scottish bagpipes, Balinese gamelan, minimalism, improvisation and rock into a textural labyrinth of ecstatic sound. 

In the tradition of maverick composer-performers from avant-garde classical to jazz and to pop, Blarvuster is a vehicle in which Matthew plays his music along with others, guiding the execution of his ensemble works as band leader, lead instrumentalist and conductor. Merging his innovative composing and playing, Blarvuster best features Matthew’s radically unique bagpipe virtuosity and encyclopedic command of multi-instrumentalism and global performance practices.

Also on the bill is Malin makes Music, the stage name of composer, musical director, bagpipe and fiddle player Malin Lewis. Young traditional musician of the year finalist 2022, their music is inspired by everything they are exposed to in life.

This event will be in-person only, and is not included in the livestream pass.

Date and time

2022-08-08 19:30:00


 The Blue Arrow Jazz Club


In Person ticket: £17.50

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